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Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Time surely flies! Today on the eve of the third anniversary of The Hungry Palate, I realized how busy my life has become with my daily chores and struggles and my passion for cooking and sharing my recipes with you all has taken a back seat. Thanks to some of my blog followers who reminded… Continue reading Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

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Tandoori Fish Tacos

Tandoori Fish Tacos – What’s not to like about these three words! It has three of my favorite food types all in one recipe! We usually do Taco Fridays at home where we switch between chicken and fish tacos. Last week I made the usual and kids favorite chicken tacos but didn’t feel like eating… Continue reading Tandoori Fish Tacos

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Moong Palak Mathris – Spinach Lentil Savories

Diwali – the festival of lights – is one of my most favorite Indian festivals. I still remember, growing up, we used to start preparing for Diwali right after Dussehra. Deep cleaning the house, making gharondas (doll house made with bricks and clay), buying multi-colored clay utensils, etc., etc. The entire house would smell like… Continue reading Moong Palak Mathris – Spinach Lentil Savories

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Spicy Tilapia Fish Fry

Tilapia has become a part of our regular diet. I like to bake it with some herbs and oil, shallow fry it or cook in a spicy, tangy Indian curry. The texture of this fish holds really well with any of the recipes I have tries do far. The best part is that it does… Continue reading Spicy Tilapia Fish Fry

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Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a popular dish made mainly in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Litti, somewhat similar to baati, is a whole-wheat stuffed roll. It is stuffed with sattu flour (roasted chana daal/Bengal gram) and baked to perfection. Chokha (bharta) is made with boiled potatoes and roasted eggplant, which are mashed together. You… Continue reading Litti Chokha


Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack

Namak pare or Nimki as I like to call them, is a crunchy and savory Indian snack that is a must during Indian festivals. These are my absolute favorite Indian snack and now it is passed on to my kids, as they can never have enough of these, no matter how big of a batch… Continue reading Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack

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Aloo Paneer Paratha – Potatoes and Indian Cottage Cheese stuffed Flatbread

Paratha is an Indian flatbread, made mainly from whole-wheat flour. They can be made plain or stuffed with all kinds of veggies, ground meats and much more…options are limitless! Stuffed parathas are a popular comfort food used to be served mainly at breakfast with chutney, pickle or yogurt. They are becoming increasingly popular as a… Continue reading Aloo Paneer Paratha – Potatoes and Indian Cottage Cheese stuffed Flatbread

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Onion, Kale and Dill Pakoras – Vegetable Fritters

Pakoras – My dear husband’s ultimate craving food during rainy and cold season!! I am sure this is a very common tradition in most Indian households. Last weekend, I made these yummy, crispy, Indian appetizers for my friends and everyone loved them! They are deliciously paired with spicy and tangy cilantro-mint dipping sauce or chutney.… Continue reading Onion, Kale and Dill Pakoras – Vegetable Fritters

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Tandoori Chicken Sliders with Chimichurri sauce and Asian Coleslaw

It is so easy to please dads! No need of flowers or jewels! All they want is a day at the golf course and perfectly grilled burgers! Am I right? This Father’s Day, treat your dad or husband with this lip-smacking tandoori chicken sliders topped with spicy cilantro-mint chimichurri sauce and served with a side… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken Sliders with Chimichurri sauce and Asian Coleslaw