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Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a popular dish made mainly in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Litti, somewhat similar to baati, is a whole-wheat stuffed roll. It is stuffed with sattu flour (roasted chana daal/Bengal gram) and baked to perfection. Chokha (bharta) is made with boiled potatoes and roasted eggplant, which are mashed together. You… Continue reading Litti Chokha


Besan Laddoos

Besan laddoo does not need any introduction! One of the most popular Indian sweet made during Diwali. They are synonymous with Lord Ganesha and Diwali Puja. These have been my favorite ever since I can remember and now they are my kids’ absolute favorite Indian sweet. I still love besan laddoos sold outside Mahaavir Sthan… Continue reading Besan Laddoos


Besan Kaju Peda – Chickpea Flour and Cashew Fudge

In Indian culture, every festival, special occasion, and ceremony is incomplete without the preparation of sweets. There are several variations of Indian sweets – some are milk based, flour based, fruit based, and some made with nuts. Peda is a popular Indian dessert, which has a fudgy and melt-in the-mouth texture. On the auspicious occasion… Continue reading Besan Kaju Peda – Chickpea Flour and Cashew Fudge


Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack

Namak pare or Nimki as I like to call them, is a crunchy and savory Indian snack that is a must during Indian festivals. These are my absolute favorite Indian snack and now it is passed on to my kids, as they can never have enough of these, no matter how big of a batch… Continue reading Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack