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Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Christmas tree goes up and is being decorated with dazzling ornaments that we have collected and treasured over the years, especially the handmade ones. Batches of classic cookies are ready to go in the oven while we listen and sing along to Holiday music in the background– we love this family tradition of kicking off… Continue reading Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

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Beetroot Leaves Daal (Lentil Curry)

My love for gardening grew over the pandemic and has motivated me to grow vegetables that I have never before. This year I tried beetroots and was mesmerized by the lovely leaves and just could not let them go to waste so I started incorporating them in different recipes.  Did you know that beetroot leaves/greens… Continue reading Beetroot Leaves Daal (Lentil Curry)


Spiced Carrot Walnut Bread

Breakfast breads are a family favorite in our house, with banana bread being on top of the list. This is a great way to add veggies and fruits in our diets. I make sure these breads are packed with nutrition by using healthy ingredients without compromising on the deliciousness!  Have you tried my Flaxseed Banana… Continue reading Spiced Carrot Walnut Bread

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Bhuna Gosht – Roasted Mutton/Lamb

  On the 5th Anniversary of my blog, I would like to dedicate this post on Bhuna Gosht to my mother.  She loves Mutton dishes and is a fabulous cook herself. She was my first teacher when I stepped my feet into the culinary world and is the inspiration behind my heirloom recipes as she… Continue reading Bhuna Gosht – Roasted Mutton/Lamb


Balushahi – An Indian Delicacy

Balushahi or Badusha is a traditional, disc shaped Indian dessert, with a flaky, melt in the mouth texture. These discs are made of flour dough, deep fried to light golden color on low heat and dipped in sugar syrup infused with cardamom and saffron! My favorite childhood memory of this dessert is the technique of… Continue reading Balushahi – An Indian Delicacy

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Carrot Cupcakes

  So how did I get the idea to make these carrot cupcakes? Well, I had a big bag of baby carrots and they were not too sweet so kids were not too fond of them. And that’s when I decided to use them for carrot halwa (indian dessert – recipe coming soon!) and cupcakes!!… Continue reading Carrot Cupcakes


Palak Paneer – Cottage Cheese cubes in pureed Spinach sauce

I have been asked by several of you to start blogging again. Trust me, I would love to dot his more often as you know my love for food, but life happens and I slack once again! Here I am after almost 14 months with one of my all time favorite recipes – Palak Paneer.… Continue reading Palak Paneer – Cottage Cheese cubes in pureed Spinach sauce

Appetizers · Non-vegetarian entree

Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Time surely flies! Today on the eve of the third anniversary of The Hungry Palate, I realized how busy my life has become with my daily chores and struggles and my passion for cooking and sharing my recipes with you all has taken a back seat. Thanks to some of my blog followers who reminded… Continue reading Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Appetizers · Non-vegetarian entree

Tandoori Fish Tacos

Tandoori Fish Tacos – What’s not to like about these three words! It has three of my favorite food types all in one recipe! We usually do Taco Fridays at home where we switch between chicken and fish tacos. Last week I made the usual and kids favorite chicken tacos but didn’t feel like eating… Continue reading Tandoori Fish Tacos