About me

Hello… My name is Priya Dayal and I am excited to set my foot into the blog world. Welcome to my journey through the culinary world where you will find a glimpse and flavors from all over the globe! I am a passionate cook and and a foodie that loves to create fusion along with staying connected to my roots. Indian cuisine is my forte but I love to explore other cuisines!

Here is a link to my YouTube channel! The Hungry Palate


Family Family2

My family is my strength and inspiration behind this! I have a loving husband and three adorable kids. They are all very excited about my new endeavor! My husband is the biggest fan of my cooking and a food fanatic just like me. We love to try local cuisines when traveling. Even though I enjoy cooking any time of the year, my favorite are the summer months as I can use fresh local produce from the farmer’s market during this time!

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