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Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Christmas tree goes up and is being decorated with dazzling ornaments that we have collected and treasured over the years, especially the handmade ones. Batches of classic cookies are ready to go in the oven while we listen and sing along to Holiday music in the background– we love this family tradition of kicking off… Continue reading Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies


Balushahi – An Indian Delicacy

Balushahi or Badusha is a traditional, disc shaped Indian dessert, with a flaky, melt in the mouth texture. These discs are made of flour dough, deep fried to light golden color on low heat and dipped in sugar syrup infused with cardamom and saffron! My favorite childhood memory of this dessert is the technique of… Continue reading Balushahi – An Indian Delicacy

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Carrot Cupcakes

  So how did I get the idea to make these carrot cupcakes? Well, I had a big bag of baby carrots and they were not too sweet so kids were not too fond of them. And that’s when I decided to use them for carrot halwa (indian dessert – recipe coming soon!) and cupcakes!!… Continue reading Carrot Cupcakes

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Whole-wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids are always asking to bake chocolate-chip cookies over the weekend. There are several brands of quick mixes available in store but nothing comes close to the ones made from scratch. It is assuring to know the ingredients being used and no worries about the preservatives. Moreover, these are made from ingredients that are readily… Continue reading Whole-wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Zucchini Chocolate Chips Power Muffins

Are your kids picky eaters? We as parents play an integral role in making good food choices and teaching them healthy eating habits. Trying to figure out what to cook for them that will make them clean their plates and provide proper nutrition is not an easy task. My girls are picky eaters so I am… Continue reading Zucchini Chocolate Chips Power Muffins

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Apple Spice Walnut Bread with Maple Glaze

Time definitely flies! It has already been a year since I started on this exciting journey of blogging and took my passion for cooking to the next level. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this and have made some beautiful memories and amazing friends along the way. Your encouraging feedback and love has kept me going… Continue reading Apple Spice Walnut Bread with Maple Glaze


Besan Laddoos

Besan laddoo does not need any introduction! One of the most popular Indian sweet made during Diwali. They are synonymous with Lord Ganesha and Diwali Puja. These have been my favorite ever since I can remember and now they are my kids’ absolute favorite Indian sweet. I still love besan laddoos sold outside Mahaavir Sthan… Continue reading Besan Laddoos


Besan Kaju Peda – Chickpea Flour and Cashew Fudge

In Indian culture, every festival, special occasion, and ceremony is incomplete without the preparation of sweets. There are several variations of Indian sweets – some are milk based, flour based, fruit based, and some made with nuts. Peda is a popular Indian dessert, which has a fudgy and melt-in the-mouth texture. On the auspicious occasion… Continue reading Besan Kaju Peda – Chickpea Flour and Cashew Fudge

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Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownies

I am a chocoholic and brownies are on top of my list of chocolate obsession! I may sound like a snob but I do not eat just any brownie…it has to be moist, chocolaty, fudgy and not over sweet. I am big fan of Ghirardelli brownie mix and never felt the need to make it… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownies


Watermelon Granita

It is starting to feel like summer outside and my kids ask for ice cream or a Popsicle everyday. I came up with a healthier option of an icy treat for them, Granita!! It was a huge success as even my pickiest kid loved it and asked for more! This is perfect refreshment on a… Continue reading Watermelon Granita