Cakes and Cookies · Desserts

Whole-wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids are always asking to bake chocolate-chip cookies over the weekend. There are several brands of quick mixes available in store but nothing comes close to the ones made from scratch. It is assuring to know the ingredients being used and no worries about the preservatives. Moreover, these are made from ingredients that are readily… Continue reading Whole-wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies


Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack

Namak pare or Nimki as I like to call them, is a crunchy and savory Indian snack that is a must during Indian festivals. These are my absolute favorite Indian snack and now it is passed on to my kids, as they can never have enough of these, no matter how big of a batch… Continue reading Pudina Namak Pare – Minty Savory Snack

Bread and Breakfast

Flaxseed Banana Bread

Banana bread is a favorite in my house especially with my daughter who eats it for breakfast every morning. I have played around with several different ingredients and have come to one that is my all time favorite. I love banana nut bread but my daughters are allergic to nuts so I add flax meal to give… Continue reading Flaxseed Banana Bread