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Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Time surely flies! Today on the eve of the third anniversary of The Hungry Palate, I realized how busy my life has become with my daily chores and struggles and my passion for cooking and sharing my recipes with you all has taken a back seat. Thanks to some of my blog followers who reminded… Continue reading Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

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Kale Chicken Curry

If you have picky eaters in your house, you are very well aware of the challenges of coming up with new ways to incorporate healthy choices in their day-to-day meals. I am constantly experimenting with different food groups to create a recipe that is healthy yet satisfies their taste buds. Yesterday, as I was getting… Continue reading Kale Chicken Curry

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Saag (Spinach) Chicken

Saag is an Indian term used for green leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, collard greens, mustard greens, etc. I have used baby spinach leaves in this very popular Indian recipe. This happens to be a favorite chicken item on restaurant menu along with chicken tikka masala, butter chicken and tandoori chicken! My kids love… Continue reading Saag (Spinach) Chicken

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Chicken Bhuna – Dry Roasted Chicken in Thick Sauce

I wanted to share with you my favorite chicken dish – Chicken Bhuna! Bhuna means dry-roasted or roasted without or very less water. The spice mixture and chicken are cooked on low heat until the chicken is tender and succulent. The slow cooking enhances the flavor of this dish and the aroma while it is cooking… Continue reading Chicken Bhuna – Dry Roasted Chicken in Thick Sauce

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Tandoori Chicken Sliders with Chimichurri sauce and Asian Coleslaw

It is so easy to please dads! No need of flowers or jewels! All they want is a day at the golf course and perfectly grilled burgers! Am I right? This Father’s Day, treat your dad or husband with this lip-smacking tandoori chicken sliders topped with spicy cilantro-mint chimichurri sauce and served with a side… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken Sliders with Chimichurri sauce and Asian Coleslaw

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Spicy Grilled Chicken Skewers – Kabobs

Memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and summer means grilling for us!! I love to grill farm fresh veggies, chicken, seafood and fruits. Have you ever tried grilling fruits? Grilling fruits intensifies the natural sweetness and brings out the flavors of the fruits. I love experimenting with different kinds of marinades and the… Continue reading Spicy Grilled Chicken Skewers – Kabobs

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Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is a basic, one-pot chicken delicacy in Indian cuisine. This chicken preparation is a must-have and soul food in my family. My kids can have this succulent chicken dish with some naan any day of the week. Across the region, this curry has many variations and they are all very aromatic and boast of… Continue reading Chicken Curry


Chicken Biryani

Our favorite comfort food that both me and my husband love to indulge in is Chicken Biryani! My mouth waters just writing about it:) This all in one meal can be very time consuming if made the traditional way so I came up with a version that is easier, healthier and quicker. Are you ready… Continue reading Chicken Biryani