Watermelon Granita

The Hungry Palate


It is starting to feel like summer outside and my kids ask for ice cream or a Popsicle everyday. I came up with a healthier option of an icy treat for them, Granita!! It was a huge success as even my pickiest kid loved it and asked for more!

This is perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. Granita is a Sicilian semi-frozen dessert, made from pureeing the fruits, and has the texture of a sorbet, slushie or “sno-cone” as my kids like to call it.

My husband had made a fruit basket out of a whole watermelon few days back so I had some watermelon scrapings in my refrigerator that I have used to make this granita. You can use any fruit you like. This is a great way to use the over ripe berries. Just freeze them and use them later to make granita!!


Recipe                                                  Servings: 8                              Time:…

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