Kala Chana Nimona – Bengal Gram Stew

I have a lot of childhood favorite delicacies that are so comforting and have so many memories attached to them. One of them that happens to be my Papa’s favorite too and a must at my house in winter months is Nimona. I am sure the name is a bit unusual as this is not… Continue reading Kala Chana Nimona – Bengal Gram Stew

Rice · Vegetarian

Vegetable Pulao – Aromatic Rice with Vegetables

Pulao or Pilaf is an aromatic rice dish that is cooked with vegetables or meat, spices and dry nuts. Vegetable Pulao is a very comforting and easy rice dish that is full of mild flavors from whole spices and vegetables. It is a simple recipe that can be prepared using any vegetables you have at… Continue reading Vegetable Pulao – Aromatic Rice with Vegetables

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Broccoli Paneer patties

Green veggies and my kids don’t mix very well! I have to come up with creative ways to sneak in vegetables in their meals. Broccoli has always been the hardest to incorporate in their diet. After few trials and errors, I have finally created a recipe that was a big hit with the kids and… Continue reading Broccoli Paneer patties