Appetizers · Non-vegetarian entree

Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Time surely flies! Today on the eve of the third anniversary of The Hungry Palate, I realized how busy my life has become with my daily chores and struggles and my passion for cooking and sharing my recipes with you all has taken a back seat. Thanks to some of my blog followers who reminded… Continue reading Chili Chicken – An Indo-Chinese delicacy

Noodles and Pasta · Vegetarian

Vegetable Chow Mein/Hakka noodles

The foodie in me looks forward to eating variety of foods when I visit India, whether they are my childhood favorites cooked by my mom or nostalgic street foods. A must on my list is Chow Mein or Hakka noodles! The ones sold in the food trucks are the best! There used be a food… Continue reading Vegetable Chow Mein/Hakka noodles