Pickles and Relish

Guramma /Mango-Ginger Relish

  Summer takes me down my childhood memory lane. Growing up in India, summer vacation meant visits to family, playtime with cousins, eating seasonal fruits and vegetable in abundance, late night card games, and fun galore! One of my favorite memories is associated with king of fruits – mangoes J My dad had to bring… Continue reading Guramma /Mango-Ginger Relish


Mango Jamun Panna – Indian summer cooler

One of the summer fruits that I really miss here is Jamun – Indian black plum! I jumped with excitement when I saw it in the frozen section of the Indian grocery store. The taste is good enough to curb my cravings but not as yum as the fresh ones. Jamun or Indian black plum… Continue reading Mango Jamun Panna – Indian summer cooler