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Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a popular dish made mainly in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Litti, somewhat similar to baati, is a whole-wheat stuffed roll. It is stuffed with sattu flour (roasted chana daal/Bengal gram) and baked to perfection. Chokha (bharta) is made with boiled potatoes and roasted eggplant, which are mashed together. You… Continue reading Litti Chokha


Gobhi (Cauliflower) Tikka Masala

I bought a big cauliflower this week that had leaves intact to them, an unusual sight in the stores around here. It looked like it was freshly plucked from a garden! I could not use all of it in one preparation, so decided to try few different recipes. I modified the usual Gobhi Musallam recipe… Continue reading Gobhi (Cauliflower) Tikka Masala


Kala Chana Nimona – Bengal Gram Stew

I have a lot of childhood favorite delicacies that are so comforting and have so many memories attached to them. One of them that happens to be my Papa’s favorite too and a must at my house in winter months is Nimona. I am sure the name is a bit unusual as this is not… Continue reading Kala Chana Nimona – Bengal Gram Stew

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Spinach Cannellini Bean Soup

Fall is here!! What a better way to welcome fall than with a bowl of warm soup and a piece of rustic baguette to dunk in it! Comfort in a bowl for me is spinach and cannellini bean soup. This soul-soothing and hearty soup is packed with flavors and healthy goodness. A one-pot meal that… Continue reading Spinach Cannellini Bean Soup

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Aloo Paneer Paratha – Potatoes and Indian Cottage Cheese stuffed Flatbread

Paratha is an Indian flatbread, made mainly from whole-wheat flour. They can be made plain or stuffed with all kinds of veggies, ground meats and much more…options are limitless! Stuffed parathas are a popular comfort food used to be served mainly at breakfast with chutney, pickle or yogurt. They are becoming increasingly popular as a… Continue reading Aloo Paneer Paratha – Potatoes and Indian Cottage Cheese stuffed Flatbread

Appetizers · Vegetarian

Onion, Kale and Dill Pakoras – Vegetable Fritters

Pakoras – My dear husband’s ultimate craving food during rainy and cold season!! I am sure this is a very common tradition in most Indian households. Last weekend, I made these yummy, crispy, Indian appetizers for my friends and everyone loved them! They are deliciously paired with spicy and tangy cilantro-mint dipping sauce or chutney.… Continue reading Onion, Kale and Dill Pakoras – Vegetable Fritters

Bread and Breakfast · Vegetarian

Whole Wheat and Dill Savory Muffins

Have you tried savory muffins before? Muffins are a kid favorite and they are usually very high in calories and sugar. I have come up with a healthy alternative that is savory and perfect for their school lunch. These savory muffins are great for breakfast, dinner or simply as a side with a dollop of… Continue reading Whole Wheat and Dill Savory Muffins


Baghare baingan – Baby eggplants in rich, aromatic sauce

What is the first word that pops in your mind when you hear the word Hyderabad – Biryani! Well, hyderabadi cuisine is full of many rich and aromatic delicacies that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Some of the most common ones are Haleem, Kebabs, Mirchi ka salan, and Baghare baigan. This cuisine boasts… Continue reading Baghare baingan – Baby eggplants in rich, aromatic sauce

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Nadan Mutta Roast – Kerala Style Egg Curry

Summer break is almost over and we are getting ready for back to school routine. I am so glad we went to visit my family in India over the summer and also took a mini trip to one of my favorite destinations – Cochin, Kerala – every food lover’s paradise!! I am sure for those… Continue reading Nadan Mutta Roast – Kerala Style Egg Curry


Rajma – Red Kidney Beans Curry

Rajma chawal aka comfort food in a bowl! Rajma is a popular North Indian vegetarian delicacy made with red kidney beans simmered in semi thick gravy with onions, tomatoes and aromatics. This is usually served with piping hot steamed rice or chawal , hence the famous combo…Rajma-Chawal! Here is the best part..this is the perfect… Continue reading Rajma – Red Kidney Beans Curry