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Vegetable Chow Mein/Hakka noodles

The foodie in me looks forward to eating variety of foods when I visit India, whether they are my childhood favorites cooked by my mom or nostalgic street foods. A must on my list is Chow Mein or Hakka noodles! The ones sold in the food trucks are the best! There used be a food… Continue reading Vegetable Chow Mein/Hakka noodles


Rasam – Spicy, Tangy South Indian soup

I am a big fan of South Indian cuisine but for some reason was not fond of rasam growing up! Rasam is a clear, spicy and tangy south Indian soup. There are many variations to this soup and is prepared using tamarind pulp, tomato, black pepper, coriander, cumin, and sometimes vegetables. It is a daily… Continue reading Rasam – Spicy, Tangy South Indian soup


Besan ki machhli – Gram flour crepes in mustard gravy

This Mother’s Day, when I asked my mummy about her favorite food that her mom used to make; it took her a few minutes to recall! She has always cooked my dad’s favorite or ours all her life so she was really excited to think about some of “her” food that she cherished growing up!… Continue reading Besan ki machhli – Gram flour crepes in mustard gravy

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Broccoli Paneer patties

Green veggies and my kids don’t mix very well! I have to come up with creative ways to sneak in vegetables in their meals. Broccoli has always been the hardest to incorporate in their diet. After few trials and errors, I have finally created a recipe that was a big hit with the kids and… Continue reading Broccoli Paneer patties


Vegetable quesadilla with Mango salsa

Happy Cinco de Mayo, folks! It’s fiesta time!! Mexican food is so colorful, fun and bursting with flavors, whether it is loaded with cheese or smothered in zesty cilantro lime! I love to cook them all from tacos, nachos, fajitas, enchiladas, to salsas, quesos, soups, and more! Thinking of a last minute idea to whip… Continue reading Vegetable quesadilla with Mango salsa


Bhindi (Okra) Masala

Bhindi (Okra) has been my favorite vegetable growing up and now I love cooking it for my husband and son who are a big fan of this green beauty as well! Our love for this vegetable makes us grow them in our garden every summer! This is a very versatile vegetable which can be used… Continue reading Bhindi (Okra) Masala


Apricot pickle/chutney

Making achaar (pickle) is a tradition in every household in India. No matter which part of the country you came from, this condiment is sure to bring back your fond childhood memories. It is amazing how the same ingredient can end up in a totally different delicacy with a unique flavor and taste. The recipes… Continue reading Apricot pickle/chutney